Inside the World of Yubo: Is This Gen Z’s Newest Dating App?

The world has fundamentally changed over the past several decades. From how we connect to how we approach our jobs in the workplace, the internet has become a grand connector and equalizer.

With many of our interactions in the social sphere moving into the digital landscape, platforms like Yubo are popping up to help facilitate these connections.

Founded in 2015, Yubo is a live social discovery application that endeavors to support friendly connections between members of Generation Z. Despite its robust features, Yubo is not a dating application.

Let’s look at Yubo to see what the platform offers new users.

Embracing the Yubo Standards of Safety

Any time that you have a platform that is going to be populated by children and young adults, safety is always going to be paramount. Yubo was developed as a live social media discovery application, but the platform still needs to decide to forego moderation.

Instead, Yubo has integrated many safety features to ensure its young audience comfort and entertainment within a safe space. Founded in 2015, Yubo is moderated by live Human Safety Specialists. These safety specialists monitor audio and video in real time to act when violations of the Yubo Community Guidelines occur.

Yubo stated its mission, “We aim to make the platform as safe as it can be for users of all ages.”

The Yubo team is proud to be the first central social media platform to introduce real-time video and audio moderation through its technical tools and safety features.

The team at Yubo is led by direction from online safety experts who have come from such respected organizations as The Diana Award, Thorn, and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

Making Friends on Yubo

Yubo was developed to help generate genuine connections between authentic individuals in a digital-first environment. While not a dating application, Yubo utilizes a swipe feature to allow members to navigate the many potential friends they might meet.

Yubo is information-forward with its approach to creating an inclusive and safe environment for Generation Z users to connect. With a focus on education, Yubo offers users a list of online safety tips to help them moderate their time on the platform.

To further help protect users of Yubo, the team turns off location services automatically.

Many of the live connections on Yubo revolve around live-streaming, playing games, video streaming, or simply chatting over audio devices. Yubo may require users to verify their account by providing a photo ID to engage on the platform. Individuals may be required to use Yoti, a digital ID application that helps connect to their Yubo account.