Is it possible to get 2 Broadband connections with same document? Let’s find out!

Remember all those times your broadband connection flunked (at crucial moments)? You threw your hands in despair and googled “wifi connection near me” to find another option. You can’t allow your internet connection to let you down so damn often, after all. Given the time we live in, a smooth and reliable internet connection is a necessity, not just at work but also at home.

Can I get two broadband connections with same document?

If you have pondered over this many times in the past, then this article brings you good news. It is totally possible for you to have two separate connections at home, and you do not need any separate documents to do the same. Having two routers at home isn’t going to cause any hindrance to one another either. That way, the next time you’re sitting down with some important tasks, just run speed test for both your connections and pick the one that’s faster. The more the merrier, after all.

How to buy a new broadband connection?

In the digital era, buying a new broadband connection is more simplified than ever. In most cases, you should be able to buy a broadband connection by simply sharing your preferences with the service provider with help of few clicks, and a new connection will be installed at the address given by you. Sounds easy, right? With Airtel, your new connection will be activated within 48 hours. Just follow the steps below:

  • Visit (don’t worry if that’s not your city, you have an option to change it on the page)
  • Select the plan that works the best for you
  • Fill the form that appears. That’s it.

How can I benefit from a high-speed Wi-Fi?

High-speed internet connection can solve more problems than we think, isn’t it? It is a necessity for uninterrupted remote work, which is a reality for most of us these days. Over the past few years, digital platforms have become our primary source of entertainment, and you need a strong internet connection to get that Sunday binge-watching going. Whether you are eyeing to upskill virtually with an online course, want to shop from the comfort of your home or would want to satisfy the book-buff in you by accessing e-books, it is safe to say that you need your internet connection to cooperate with you.

How to choose the best Wi-Fi plan?

People usually pick the best Wi-Fi plan for themselves, depending on the Wi-Fi speed and cost of the Wi-Fi package. While picking a Wi-Fi plan for yourself, don’t forget to keep in mind the download limit and the data speed that you are being promised, and any additional costs that you might need to bear in the process.  Airtel Wi-Fi plans start from Rs 499 which provides you with an internet speed of up to 40 Mbps. The plans go up to Rs 3999. These plans come with a free router, and free streaming app subscriptions as well.