Create Your Own Pixel Art and Share It to the World

If you need an opportunity to bring out your inner artist for free, you can achieve that through color by number pixel art game. Besides, the coloring game app will enable you to create your own outstanding pixel art and share it with the entire world.

Pixel art coloring app provides you with over 10000 both 2D and 3D free artworks to use. The game app further offers you many color by number tools to help make your own pixel art.

Tips on creating your own pixel art

You need to download your pixel art coloring app from a reputable developer. That way, you have a guarantee of the best coloring experience with maximum results.

Make use of the pixel art camera and picture maker to create your pixel art. What you need to do is to capture a photo or selfie using the pixel art camera. You can then color by number to turn the images into pixel art. Another way to go is to take the photos from your gallery and make them pixel arts through coloring.

The pixel art game gives you tons of artworks to aid in creating your pixel art. They include sweets, flowers, landscapes, animals, art, and color by number mandalas, to mention but a few. You can never exhaust the free artworks. Therefore, choose your preferred pictures from the many artwork and turn them into colorful images that you love.

 Use the color by number tools to the maximum so that you can successfully paint a unique and colorful image that will excite the world. The coloring tools include:

  • Color palette. The term refers to a display of a full range of colors on the screen of your device. You choose from it the colors you wish to use on your image.
  • Magic wand. It is a booster to help you color by number faster. The coloring tool enables you to paint multiple cells that have matching numbers with just one tap.
  • Color splash. A color splash boosts your coloring process by helping you to color a wider area of cells. It paints the entire area regardless of the numbers.

How to create your own pixel art and share it with the world

  1. Open the pixel art coloring app on your device.
  2. Take an image or a selfie using the pixel art camera. You can select from your gallery the picture you want to pixelate.
  3. Using your two fingers, enlarge the image of choice until you see cells with numbers.
  4. Select your preferred colors from the palette and start painting the cells with the same numbers. The best way is to color pixel after pixel.
  5. You can use the coloring tools such as the magic wand and color splash to help you paint faster.
  6. After completing your paintwork, the final product will be a stunning picture that suits every taste and mood.
  7. Share your stunning and colorful pixel art picture with the world. You can post your timelapse video on social media platforms for friends and other viewers to see. Another way to share pixel art is to send it to viewers through email.

Why create your own pixel art?

  • You get to have a unique and colorful picture gallery that many admire.
  • It is a fun way of utilizing your free time at home.
  • You enjoy over 10000 both 2D and 3D free artworks that come in various categories.
  • The game provides you with color by number tools that make you paint faster.
  • It is an opportunity to bring out your inner artist for free. Through pixel art, you will discover how talented you are.
  • There are minimal costs involved. Therefore, all players are free to participate in the game. Besides, there is no need for Wi-Fi when playing the game. You can do it while offline.
  • Creating your pixel arts will help you take a break from the monotonous daily routines.
  • It is a better chance to enhance your color matching skills, precision, concentration, and accuracy.
  • When you concentrate on coloring your image, you enter meditation relaxation.
  • It is a convenient exercise. You can play your pixel art game anytime, anywhere.
  • You let go of stress and anxiety because of day-to-day pressure. That way, the mind remains fresh.

Key takeaways

Creating your own pixel art makes you have a colorful picture gallery to share with the world. It is the best way to reveal your inner artist for free. You create pixel arts through color by number. The steps involved are pretty simple.

You need to paint all the pixels with matching numbers using palette colors. The results are beautiful and colorful pictures worth sharing.