Live Stream App Yubo Creating Safer Social Media for Gen Z

With over 60M users all over the world, social media app Yubo is generating excitement among its Gen Z target because it’s taking real and meaningful steps to create a safe space for teens to hang out only.

Yubo is actively working toward protecting children from age-inappropriate content, pornography, bullying, and exploitation with a detailed and well-implemented action plan to live up to their mission.

Age Verification Tech that Works

Yubo recognizes one of the top everyday dangers adolescents face online. It’s the inability of social media platforms to protect younger Gen Z users from the content of older Gen Z and up.

Content that may be fine for a higher age group can be misunderstood or harmful for tweens.

For this reason, they have built their platform around age-based communities, so that younger individuals only see content from those close to their age.

They use AI face recognition technology to identify when an individual may be lying about their age or using an old picture to get into younger communities.

This allows most Gen Z users to quickly and easily join the right community.

But AI face recognition isn’t perfect (yet), so they have a system of verification if the AI believes that the user isn’t being truthful about their age.

Masking Young Users’ Locations

On the Yubo platform, other users see no more than a user’s city on their profile. The Gen Z user can opt to hide even that information in Yubo’s profile tools.

Yubo has also put in safeguards to reduce the risk of a user trying to share their location on the app. If they try to add details about their location, they receive a friendly notification educating them about why it’s dangerous to share their location online and asking them to rethink that decision.

The app also doesn’t allow advertisers to target their Gen Z users as some other platforms do. Instead of relying on ad revenue, they offer a paid premium version that delivers benefits that both Gen Z and their parents are willing to pay for.

Monitoring and Intervening During a Situation

Yubo has a team of in-house moderators who consume content in real-time and intervene when user content doesn’t follow the clearly-defined rules in place to keep Gen Z safe.

Because these moderators can’t be everywhere at once, artificial intelligence directs their efforts. It helps them focus on areas where violations are most likely to occur and most damaging.

Actively Working with Non-Profit Child Advocacy

Yubo works with government agencies in France and Australia. They’re also actively engaged with many non-profits that protect children around the world, like:

  • National Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Children (UK)
  • Internet Watch Foundation (UK)
  • National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (US)
  • Point de Contact (France)
  • Cyberbullying Research Center
  • Thorn (US)
  • Good Thinking
  • The Diana Award
  • Switchboard
  • e-Enfance
  • The Trevor Project

They’re working together to implement real solutions to create a safe space for Gen Z to explore the world and who they are.