Matt Davies Stockton Explores Cash Saving Tips to Buy Gadgets


According to Matt Davies Stockton, there are more than enough innovative gadgets to clear out the wealth of some of the richest people. So, if you plan to buy a lot of cool gadgets, you need to save money. From hunting discounts to trading in old gadgets, there are many methods. Let’s figure out how to save cash while buying gadgets.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Time it right – There are certain times throughout the year when it’s better to buy new gadgets. For instance, retailers want to clear out stock during May or June to make room for brand new products. That’s why they offer big discounts during that time. There are also big sales on holidays like Memorial Day or Labor Day. Gadgets and electronics usually get big discounts during these events. Be patient and wait for those big sales to buy your favorite gadgets.

Sometimes, there are also unforeseen circumstances that can grant you a cash-saving opportunity. For instance, if a certain category of products attracts more duties due to an ongoing trade war, you’re better off buying that product before the price hike. There’s also inflation. For instance, recently Oculus increased the price of their VR headsets to keep up with inflation. People who bought the inventory right before the price hike saved around $50.

  1. Buy a bit older version of the gadget – It’s tempting to buy the latest and greatest product, especially when it comes to gadgets. However, the latest models always come with a hefty premium. You often get more value out of the older version that was released around a year ago. For instance, while you can buy the latest iPhone13, buying the iPhone 12 would save you $100. You won’t miss out on any revolutionary features either.

However, make sure that you’re always getting the best deal and try to hit a balance between value and features. Don’t save a small amount of money and compromise on a big payout. For instance, while you can save a lot of money by buying the older intel MacBooks, you miss out on a significantly lighter, faster, and better laptop that comes with Apple silicon.

  1. Shop around – It’s also important to shop around while buying gadgets instead of going to standard big retailers like Walmart or marketplaces like Amazon. Search engines offer you comparative pricing across various online shops. Some shops even have bank offers and bundled offers to further sweeten the deal.

In the case of offline shops, don’t be afraid of bargaining, especially if you’re buying something expensive like drones. Go to different shops and the chances are that one of them would lower their margin and give you that deal to score a sale.


There are many ways of saving cash while buying cool gadgets. Matt Davies Stockton suggests you keep a close eye on the market and time your purchase right or buy a bit older version to get more value out of your purchase. It is not a problem to compromise on a few latest features. Either way, there are always new ways of saving cash while buying cool gadgets.