Subtitles: Everything You Need to Know

Subtitling platforms allow you to create subtitles for TV shows and movies. With the increasing popularity of OTT platforms, more people are watching entertainment shows from different countries. These shows are often in the native language, so the entertainment industry should add subtitles to a video automatically to invite more viewers.

Closed Captioning

close captioning platform should produce at least 99% accurate results. The accuracy is measured by some criteria, including spelling, grammar, and punctuation. An error in captions can make a message difficult to understand and inaccessible for many viewers. A good closed captioning platform should also allow for sub-accounts and account system customization. In addition, a good closed captioning vendor should offer documentation and a good support system. There are many closed captioning platforms in the market, each offering different benefits.

Machine-Generated Captions

Machine-generated captions are produced in a matter of minutes instead of days. ASR can produce captions for a one-hour video in less than one-quarter of a second. They are not added to the video, as are closed captions, but stored in a database for the video platform’s search engine. This type of captioning has several benefits. It can improve unclear audio segments by providing a second set of eyes to read the text. It can also reduce errors due to grammatical or spelling mistakes. Machine-generated captions are not necessarily better than manually inserted captions since some errors can arise due to transcription or other technical issues.

Although automated speech recognition technology improves, human-generated captions are not yet fully error-free. The accuracy of these captions depends on many factors, including microphone quality, speaker clarity, background noise, homonyms, and specialized terminology.

Text-To-Speech Technology

Text-to-speech technology allows subtitle platforms to produce audio files by converting written text to speech. Text-to-speech engines produce a natural voice by recognizing words and phrases and playing them back through speakers. These programs are becoming increasingly popular for educational facilities and businesses. They help people with disabilities understand and enjoy the same content as their non-disabled peers.

Some of the leading companies in this market are using AI technology to create a more accurate transcription of audio content.

Formats Of Subtitles

There are many different formats for subtitles on subtitle platforms. Some of these formats are more commonly used than others. These formats may be used in different media formats such as web video and broadcast. Some of them even have different features, like being customizable. For example, some include positioning instructions, styles, and formatting. These formats are used for broadcast, cinema, and television content.

Cost Of Subtitling

If you’re a film or television producer looking to expand your global audience, you’ll want to make sure your subtitles are available in the language of your audience. Fortunately, there are a variety of subtitling platforms available on the market, and each offers a different pricing model. Prices can vary significantly and may be determined by the language of your content, how many speakers are necessary to complete the project, and the urgency of your work. Subtitling platforms require a large upfront investment, but a monthly subscription is a much more flexible option. It’s even possible to buy the software on a month-to-month basis, depending on the workload for the month. You may even consider subtitling to promote your content, especially if you’re a writer with several languages.